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Three Raku hollow "River Rock" Vessels  Ave. 2.5"h x 4"w    $50 each (Yeah, one IS a rattle..)"Calico" Anagama fired, Mixed shino and ash glazes, 19.5"h x 12.5w"Calico" 2nd view"Calico" Detail"Calico" Foot view"Gourd"  Anagama fired, Shino with ash, 4.75h x 7.5w $120"Gourd" 2nd view showing kintsugi (gold repair)"Gourd" Detail"Gourd" Foot View"Saddle" Anagama fired, Ash glaze 16.75h" X 15"w    $920"Saddle" 2nd View"Saddle" Foot View"Leopard" teabowl, Anagama fired, Temoku and yellow matte glaze 2.75t x 3.75w         $50"Leopard" 2nd view"Leopard" interior peek"Sentir" Anagama fired, Oribe glazed           13t X 10.5w  $320"Sentir" 2nd view"Sentir" Foot view"Dry Bamboo Vase"  Anagama fired 11.25h X 3.75w $75"Dry Bamboo Vase" 2nd View

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Donjenna Yokley(non-registered)
I love your new paintings, the ceramics, your floral magics... I love it all- great web page. Thanks for sharing!
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