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Hello, and Welcome to
my adventure!

All paths lead to somewhere..
and the journey, it is said, is
the destination.

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Wander with me: Life is too juicy to plop in a box and neatly label the contents;
I wouldn't want to isolate and dehydrate out the wonderful wanderings and serendipitous stumblings!

However, for the sake of communal sanity and my own financial survival
(perhaps even a little ego fulfilling peace of mind that I leave a little more than footprints
and chocolate wrappers in my wake)
I occasionally try to zoom in for a moment and lend focus to my talents and explorations..
Let's shine a light on this creative slice of life.

I adore creating, and marvel at the different flavors of interaction one meets within each
type of media. Here are a few of my enduring favorites:

Clay (Ceramics, Mud..) is profoundly direct and visceral.
It can lend itself to puzzles of function, act as a meditation, or dares the artist to stretch it
to unexplored sculptural territory.
I work in clay without a potter's wheel; I enjoy the challenge and intimacy of handbuilt forms.
I am proudly inefficient when I spend time with the mud
- the temperament of the piece trumps the clock.

My current obsession is with woodfiring the forms I create;
I have the good fortune to occasionally fire with community in a few fabulous anagama and Noborigama kilns in the Southeast United States, and would gladly travel further to take part in other firings.
My plan includes eventually hosting this fellowship with a kiln built on my own "Kiln Farm".

Flowers and Botanicals bring a wealth of texture,
line and form. They stir memories and draw out emotion in a most unique way.
I enjoy playing with natures palette and with the mechanics of building natural armatures
and utilizing unexpected materials. I absolutely love delighting others with floral work.

Currently, I am Designer and Chief bucket washer in my own part time endeavor -Ten Tiger Floral Arts -
in addition to freelancing with several fantastic florists and event specialists in the Atlanta area.

Pigments, paints, waxes, paper.. strictly mark making or perhaps subjective.
Something primal, sometimes meticulous.. it amazes me -
the landscape of opportunity that opens up with even the simplest act of imagery.
My current passion is with Encaustic painting;
I find it offers an exploration of layering and manifests a
processing of ideas in way I relate to on many levels.
It is a fairly direct reflection of one of my preoccupations: scratching into the earth,
seeking clues of what lies beneath, what was before -
perhaps a tile shard from a house once standing..
maybe an arrowhead from a people who used to hunt the land.
I am fascinated with intersections of time and culture.

My goal here is to share a few of these explorations and insights,
a few snapshots of what I've been playing with
and working on.
A trail of crumbs
or a trail map
of what connects the dots.

Thanks for visiting!
Thrive in your travels and do
stop back soon..

Michelle Dziak


Firefly Kiln Farm
Ten Tiger Floral Arts
Miche Allez

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